Hey Everybody

We are getting ready to close on our new home and start raising some egg layers. We’ll be documenting the ups and downs from day 1. Get an inside look at what it takes to build a coop, set up feeding, bedding, egg collecting and watering chickens. We’ll have 4 hens and no roosters. We are looking to have enough eggs to feed our family of 2 breakfast and occasional baked good made with these eggs.

We sold our home in San Diego in May of 2016 and moved to Seattle for my wife’s job.  We had 4 hens and learned a good bit over the year and a half we had them. We sold them and all of their accessories to a friend when we moved so we will be starting from scratch, chicken scratch 😉 We had 4 different breeds since we had no idea what they would be like.

I’ll put more details about our previous set up soon

-Bossy Betty Hen


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