Which came first the chickens or the coop

Our first foray into the world of owning/caring for chickens started off with the search for a chicken coop. I considered buying plans and building my own coop, buying and assembling a kit, buying a ready made coop, and buying a used coop.

Pretty quickly I decided against buying a used chicken coop.  I wanted to avoid any potential issues with sickness of the previous flock. I also wanted to not risk cross-contamination if the conditions were not so clean from the current situation.  Additionally, I didn’t know how good the construction would be or if it would need a lot of repairs etc.

Building from plans would be my preference if I had it to do again, and I do. At the time, I wasn’t able to commit the time and resources to build the coop I wanted. This time around, I’ll either build from plans, or create my own design. Could be a disaster, could be awesome.

In a compromise between cost and convenience, I settled on a kit. Actually, we ended up getting a chicken coop kit from Home Depot for just a couple hundred dollars. Here is a link to the chicken coop we bought.  It took a couple of hours to put together and it wasn’t perfect, but it was a good start.

This particular coop hold 4 hens, which seemed like plenty for a family of 2.  So the coop came first then once we had it set up, we were ready for our first chicks.

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