Pick a chicken, any chicken

My wife and I both love animals and we figured we would have our chickens for a long time. We put in the time to really research what chickens would work best for us. My wife would divorce me if I killed and cooked one of our hens, so our chickens would be for eggs only.

Since we were only looking at egg layers, we had narrowed down our selection a little bit. I wanted birds that would lay the most eggs, be friendly, and be easy to take care of. Our new coop held 4 chickens, so that was our limit.  So far we have 4 egg layers.  We were not going to raise chicks so our chickens would all be hens. We would have no roosters to crow at the morning sun, and wake us up.

One of the other large factors that guided the decision of which chickens to get, was what was available. We found a nursery near our house that had baby chicks available and relatively cheap.  The ones that they carried were the ones that we ended up picking from. No hassle of shipping, hoping they arrive alive, waiting for them, etc.

I’ve put together a few resources so that you too can research which chickens will work for your situation. Some chickens are really bred specifically for egg laying while others are bred for cooking. There are a few that are good for both, but I will only comment on the ones that we ended up having and learning more about.

One list for layers

A bigger list for layers

Next up, I’ll introduce the girls and tell a little about them.

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