Meet the Original Cackling Hens

We decided on 4 hens because that was the size of coop we had. Two people, two eggs per person. That seems like a good number to start. We also don’t necessarily eat eggs every morning, but we do eat eggs quite often. Turns out that chickens don’t necessarily lay an egg every day either.

We chose four different breeds of chickens that were supposed to be good egg layers. The four we picked that were available at our local supply/feed store were buff orpington, leghorn, barred rock, and an americauna. We learned about 4 different types of hens this way and will probably have different types of hens again.

We picked them out with the help of our dogs. Everyone got to pick one. The local nursery had tons of chicks for sale at under $10 each. Once we had the coop built, we went and picked up the chicks, food, heat lamp, and watering thingy. We started them pretty early in the year so we made sure that they had a heat lamp as an option and kept them inside for the first couple of weeks.

All of our chicks survived and laid eggs well. I’ll talk about the first few weeks after I introduce the girls.


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