Meet the girls part 1

Fair warning, we have a bit of a sick sense of humor. I wouldn’t name our hens if they were going to be eaten. My wife gets attached enough without names. Since we would not be eating our chickens, they get to be pets, sort of. In a dark turn, I picked out our hen names to be chicken restaurants. Our chickens names are Chicfila, Bojangles, KFC, and Popeyes  (no relation or rights from these restaurants to use their names, but we did it anyways).

We got our girls when they were a few days old, so no egg hatching or incubating. They were also given basic immunizations so we didn’t worry about illness with a new flock. We started them inside the house in a dog crate so the couldn’t roam or get eaten by the dogs or cats. I’ll cover the basics of having really small chicks later. It was still pretty cold at night so inside was a must for a couple of weeks till it was warm enough outside.

Meet Chicfila. She is a white leghorn. She was a friendly enough chicken and turned out to be a spectacular layer. She laid our first egg and laid eggs most often. This would make her a clear favorite amongst the girls. She was also the smallest hen which we found funny. Our biggest eggs came from our smallest hen. She also reminded me of Foghorn Leghorn, so that made her funnier.

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