Meet the girls part 2

Being aware of our sick sense of humor, I’ll just go ahead and introduce the second chicken in our original flock, Bo Jangles or BoJo.  She is an Americauna breed which are supposed to be good for warmer climates.

BoJo was a very good chicken to have around. She proved to be one of the smarter girls that we had.

Americauna chickens lay a pretty blue egg, a lighter color, but similar to robins eggs. She was the first to figure out the new waterer when I set up a bucket with droppers. She was also the first to learn to come running when I called the chickens. She is friendly and liked the dogs, maybe a little too much.

A friend brought over a chihuahua and the dog went kill crazy about the chickens. Our poodle mix was afraid of them and our flat-coat retriever was 15 so didn’t have the energy to do much other than trying to eat chicken poop. YUCK! I didn’t worry too much about a 3 pound dog around the girls in the back yard. The chickens scattered when the dog started running through them.

BoJo just made a short hop and looked at the dog , like what in the world is wrong with you??? I’ll give the dog this, she was small, but damn she was fast. She was on BoJo before I could get there. Her owner yelling, I’m diving to catch the dog before she does too much damage. Luckily only a few of her tail feathers were harmed and her pride.

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