Meet the girls part 3

You should already have a good feel for our choice of chickens and how we name them.  This third girl is a buff orpington and this would be one of the closest things to a pet chicken you can have. Popeyes is a sweet girl who appreciates being petted and wants to be around you.

All of our chicks were bought at the same basic age. Our chicks were hatched within a few days of each other.  It was still too cold outside for them to be outside even with a heat lamp, so they started in our dining room. Popeyes laid well, but not as well as our leghorn. She was the biggest bug hunter in the group though. Watching her chase a grasshopper was hysterical. She would hop along after it until she was able to catch it. Then she would run around as the other 3 girls tried to steal it from her.

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