Baby Chicks and dogs

Without a doubt, the best part about having chickens is getting the baby chicks. We were able to take our dogs to pick out their own pet chickens. But seriously, it was a good opportunity to introduce our dogs to the noise and smell of chicks without letting anyone get too close or too scared. Likewise these chicks were out in the open in a place that gets several doggie visitors per day so they were wary, but not terrified. 

We have both cats and dogs and that means the potential for disaster when it comes to baby feathered things.  We kept our chics inside for the first few weeks as it was too cold outside and we wanted to keep a close eye on them. In the kitchen, we set up a brooder inside a dog crate. This provided airflow and kept the dogs/cats from causing too much havoc. After a day or so, the curiosity died down quite a bit. We have heard that you want to be careful using something with corners, as even baby chicks will establish a pecking order. We were lucky that we didn’t have any issues with bullying.

If you read my previous story about a friend’s chihuahua and the chickens, and the not great introduction that time, then you understand how quickly this type of dog and chicken introduction can go sideways. We misjudged the threat level of the 3 pound dog based on our 18 pound dog being terrified of the chickens. Turns out our dog is a bit of a wuss and you should be super careful of any unknown dog being around your chickens.

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