Baby Chicken Food

There is nothing a baby anything loves more than chow time. Chickens can be especially voracious in their appetite. We got our chicks at just a few days old so we had to be careful to make sure they had access to good quality baby chicken food at all times.

Food is pretty straightforward. Baby chickens need baby chicken food. You can choose from a variety available online or at your local feed store/co-op.

We went with organic because why go through the hassle of raising chickens for eggs if you aren’t going to spend a little more money to get the best possible eggs?  There are crumbles and pellets for the two main shapes  of food. The crumbles seemed to do better when they were really young. As the chickens got older, we found that the organic chicken starter pellets lasted longer. The pellets are less likely to be lossed, tossed or scratched away than the crumbles.

Make sure that you start with chick starter type of food. The chickens won’t need calcium and oyster shells that are in the layer food until they start laying eggs. We kept our girls on the organic chicken starter until the first one laid her first egg. We then mixed the remaining starter with a new bag of organic chicken layer pellets. This let us use up the rest of the starter and the girls were all laying eggs within a couple of weeks.

You see a lot of other items available for chickens, like mealworms and scratch. Please realize that mealworms are a treat for your chickens, like a snickers. They have protein and aren’t necessarily bad, but they aren’t what the chickens need as the main part of their diet either.

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