Reconnect with your food by raising chickens

As our societies move towards a more and more corporate food production model, it is easy to forget where our food comes from. Many young people have never had the experience of raising any type of animals for food. Relatively few people hunt and fish as a way to supplement what they eat. The need to reconnect with your food is growing as people see opportunity to grow more of their food themselves.

As a result, we are starting to see a return to people growing what they eat. This provides both a connection and appreciation for the fact that animal protein comes from live animals. Even on a small scale, raising chickens for eggs provides a connection to food that you know is not treated with anything, or mistreated in any way. There is a good feeling that comes from eating animals and their eggs when you know they have a good life.

When it comes to reconnecting with our food, many people take the stance that it is wrong to kill animals for food. If you are vegan and you have that belief, I 100% support your choices. If on the other hand, you eat meat and would vilify the people that kill it for you to conveniently pick up in the grocery store, maybe you should reconsider your role in the food chain. This is beyond just eating local and sustainable, it is a measure of how disconnected we are from our food that people feel eating the already killed animal is somehow different than being the one to kill it.

I’ll take my meat with my own hands, giving it the respect and happy life it deserves. You can judge me and others like me for my actions, but are you really doing a chicken a better service by having it raised in a commercial farm so you don’t have to get your hands dirty? Just think about it.

This new ad from KFC is getting flack for making chickens look happy when you are going to eat them…. Do people want to see sad chickens in cages so they feel like it is better for them to be a 12 piece bucket? What are your thoughts?

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