About Us

We started our crazy chicken family phase a few years back. I had a dream of fresh organic eggs showing up at my door every day. My wife had a dream of fluffy butts that she could spoil. I spent the time to research breeds and laying capabilities for our area. We wouldn’t have broilers because my wife might leave me if I killed one of our chickens to eat. So we would only have egg layers.

After researching local laws, we found we were allowed to have 4 hens based on the size of our lot. We could have roosters, but decided we didn’t want any because we were close to our neighbors. We also didn’t want loud wake up calls in the early morning hours. Nothing but the ladies for us. We found that there were a variety of egg layers that do great in our climate. Since we hadn’t raised chickens before, we went with 4 different breeds. Our goal was to experience as many different types of chickens as possible.

After a year and a half, we had learned a lot about raising and having chickens as pets. We collected a ton of eggs and had a few issues with predators, but they all survived. We had to move for jobs and ended up selling our hens and coop/supplies to a friend of the family.

We recently bought a new home and have the opportunity for a new flock. Once again we are limited to 4 hens, but we are good with that. We moved to the Pacific Northwest so our climate is much different than when we were in San Diego. We have one buff orpington again because they are the sweetest birds and do well in both climates. We have a brown leghorn instead of a white leghorn because they weren’t available. They are both some of the most magnificent egg layers. We have a black sex-linked and a red sex-linked to round out our 4.

We’re sharing what we learned during our research and our two times raising new flocks. We have been pleasantly surprised at the entertainment provided by our little flocks. The chickens are funny and sweet even if some of them are not so into being cuddled.

If you have questions or want something researched, please feel free to reach out!