Chicken Feeders

DIY PVC chicken feeder

Technically, you are the chicken feeder if you have  chickens. We went through a few different feeders along the way. We finally settled on the ones that work best for our hens. You will probably have a couple of chicken feeders also. Start with the young chickens and swap as they get older or as you add more chickens to your flock.

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Baby Chicks and dogs

Without a doubt, the best part about having chickens is getting the baby chicks. We were able to take our dogs to pick out their own pet chickens. But seriously, it was a good opportunity to introduce our dogs to the noise and smell of chicks without letting anyone get too close or too scared. Likewise these chicks were out in the open in a place that gets several doggie visitors per day so they were wary, but not terrified.  Continue reading “Baby Chicks and dogs”