Egg Laying Chickens as Pets

egg laying chickens as pets

You typically raise chickens for one of two reasons. You raise chickens for eggs, and/or you raise chickens for meat. While I want to raise chickens for both meat and eggs, it would be the end of my marriage. Since chickens are also my wife’s pets, we raise egg laying chickens as pets. If you raise chickens just to eat, they are called broilers. There are some breeds that work as both a decent broiler and a layer called dual purpose birds. Continue reading “Egg Laying Chickens as Pets”

Rent chickens, or should you?

chickens for rent

Once upon a time, you thought about raising chickens. You thought about having fresh eggs and adorable little chicks following you around. Then you think about the reality of owning chickens. The kids aren’t going to feed the chickens. How much do chickens eat? Do you need a rooster to get eggs? Actually, what do you know about chickens at all? You must have been crazy to think about it. If you could just rent chickens for a little bit and see if you like it, that might help right?

I mean what if you absolutely hate chickens?? I’m not sure that’s possible, but just in case. Maybe you should try renting chickens, the coop, everything.

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Finding Chickens For Sale Near Me

Buying Chickens Near Me

We bought a new house this year. We had chickens before we moved to another state. We sold our girls to close friends with everything they would need to stay happy. We moved into the new house at the end of March and the house needed a ton of work. Needless to say, I wasn’t sure we would have chickens this year. I was expressing my sadness that we weren’t going to be able to get chickens after next week. My wife surprised me and ordered us a coop that we had been researching. So now we are on the hunt for a small flock to put in the coop. I need to find chickens for sale near me.

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